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  • Same day OSHA Forklift Certification
  • Training at your location or at one of our training centers

Operators who complete our OSHA certified forklift course will be able to operate Class C  Forklifts.  OSHA certification protects against heavy fines and potential liability.  Other benefits include: lower maintenance costs, reduced material damage, increased efficiency and fewer near-miss accidents (or more serious accidents).

When properly trained,  operators will no longer guess about the best approach, balance and moving up load. To get the most benefit many of our students schedule their forklift training immediately after passing their CDL road test.

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When do you give the Certification Class?

Every Satuday at 10am at our Long Island City Training Center. Call us at 718-278-6679 to schedule. Enter answer here

Why is forklift training and certification important?

Trucking companies see hiring a driver that is OSHA certified to operate a Forklift as a huge plus.  This can allow you to load your own truck load which cuts down on potential costs for the company.  This also allows you to potentially work in the warehouse when delivery orders are slow.  This all equals better JOB SECURITY. Enter answer here