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Teen Driver Training

Ferrari Driving School is the behind-the-wheel training provider at 3 Queens High Schools:

Holy Cross High School (Servicing: Whitestone, Bayside, Flushing, College Point, Douglaston, Little Neck)

Mary Louis Academy (Servicing: Jamaica, St. Albans, Queens Village, Briarwood, Hollis, Bellrose, Floral Park, Glen Oaks)

St. John’s Prep. (Servicing: Astoria, Long Island City, Jackson Heights, Maspeth, Middle Village, Corona, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Sunnyside, Woodside)

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Holy Cross High School, Mary Louis Academy, and St. John’s Prep.

Call us at (347)729-5072 to find out about availability for either our Spring, Summer, or Fall session.

Benefits of Teen Driver Education:

  • Senior License at 17 (no restrictions)
  • No permit needed to enroll
  • Receive up to 15% Insurance Discount
  • Professional Driving Instruction
  • Modern Dual Controlled Cars

Our trained and highly competent driving instructors teach you theory and practice, and they demonstrate the proper behavior in road traffic. The latest teaching methods and vehicles professionally prepare your teen for the road – driving pleasure and mobility guaranteed.

We believe that the real road test is a: “A life time of collision free driving

How long is the Teen Driver Ed Course?

The course is a total of 48 hours.  24 hours of classroom and 24 hour of automobile (6 hours behind the wheel and 18 hours of observation)Enter answer here

What is the passing % of students that take Driver’s Ed through the program?

We are currently averaging over 90% first time passing for students that have taken driver education through one of the high schools we work with.Enter answer here

Road Test Request Form:

Please Click HERE to request a road test date. We will contact you to discuss your exam and training options. You must have a NY Learners Permit in order to schedule a Road Test. Enter answer here

How can I register for Drivers Education?

Ferrari Driving School is the behind-the-wheel training provider at 3 Queens High Schools: Holy CrossMary Louis Academy, and St. John's Prep. 3 classes are offered every year. Spring, Summer, & Fall. Call us at 347-729-5072 to find out about availability.Enter answer here

Where and how CAN a teen drive?

With Your Junior Learner Permit

You may drive: Only between the hours of 5 AM and 9 PM and only under the direct supervision of: Your parent, guardian, or a person “in loco parentis,” or A driver education teacher or a driving school instructor. The person who supervises your driving must be at least age 21 and have a license valid for the vehicle you are driving. The vehicle being driven must have dual controls (dual brakes). The only passenger allowed in the front seat is your supervising driver. With no more than one passenger under age 21 unless the passengers are members of your immediate family. You can have more than one passenger under age 21 if your supervising driver is your licensed parent, guardian, person “in loco parentis”, driver education teacher or driving school instructor. If your permit was issued before February 22, 2010, you can drive with no more than two passengers under age 21 unless the passengers are members of your immediate family. If your permit was issued before February 22, 2010, you can have more than two passengers under age 21 if your supervising driver is your licensed parent, guardian, person “in loco parentis,” driver education teacher or driving school instructor. Only when you and every passenger wear a seat belt, one seat belt per person. All children under age four must ride in federally-approved child safety seats. If the child is more than 40 pounds in weight, they must use a proper child restraint system such as a booster seat. Until their 8th birthday children must use a proper child restraint system. Children more than four feet nine inches tall are allowed to use a seat belt and shoulder harness.Enter answer here

Where can a teen NOT drive?

You may not drive: Anywhere for any reason between 9 PM and 5AM. At any time on any street within a park in New York City, or any bridge or tunnel under the jurisdiction of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority. At any time on the Cross County, Hutchinson River, Saw Mill River, or Taconic State parkways in Westchester County. At any time in a DMV road test area. At any time without a proper supervising driver or in violation of the above restrictions. Visit for information on restrictions outside the 5 BoroughsEnter answer here

Important Information for Junior Drivers with Permits

When you take your road test, you must give the DMV license examiner:

Your photo learner permit. A completed form MV-262 (Certification of Supervised Driving). With this statement your parent or guardian verifies that you have completed at least 50 hours of practice driving with a proper supervising driver (asdefined above), with at least 15 hours at night (after sunset). You do not need proof of practice driving if you are age 17 and present a valid form MV-285 driver education certificate as proof that you passed a state-approved driver education course. An MV-278 pre-licensing course completion certificate. Before you can make a road test appointment, you must first complete an approved pre-licensing safe driving course. If a certified driver education course is completed, and an MV-285 Student Certificate of Completion is issued, the MV-278 is not required. However, the driver education teacher may issue an MV-278 when what would be covered in the 5 hour course has been covered during the driver education course. To complete this requirement, all other drivers must take a special five-hour course available at most professional driving schools. To locate where this course is offered, look in the yellow pages of your local telephone directory under "Driving Instruction."Enter answer here

New York City Restrictions (5 Boroughs) – Senior License

When you are age 18, the DMV will issue you a senior license (Class Dor Class M). If you have a valid junior license (Class DJ or MJ) you will automatically receive your senior license in the mail. If you pass your road test when you are age 18 you will automatically receive a senior license.

If you are age 17, you are eligible for a senior driver license if you have a junior driver license or limited junior driver license and have completed a state-approved high school or college driver education course. To change your junior license to a senior license ,bring your junior license and the form MV-285 driver education certificate that you received from your instructor to any motor vehicle office. You must give the DMV office your certificate and junior license to receive a senior license. If you do not change your junior license to a senior license, you still must obey the restrictions for junior drivers until you are age 18, even if you carry the completion certificate with you. With a senior license you are allowed to drive without any restrictions.  Enter answer here

Alcohol and Other Drug Violations by Drivers under Age21

If you are under age 21 when arrested, your permit, license, or driving privileges will be revoked for at least one year if you are convicted of any alcohol- or drug-related driving violation. You will also be revoked if a judge finds that you refused to submit to a chemical test (includes a test under the NYS “Zero Tolerance Law”).

Even if you complete an approved Drinking Driver Program in fewer days, your revocation will continue until the end of the scheduled period of revocation. A second violation finding within five years requires a revocation for one year or until you turn age 21, whichever is longer. These penalties apply even if you are adjudicated as a youthful offender, or if you were arrested or convicted in another state.Enter answer here

Parent withdrawal of Consent

As a parent or guardian you may need to decide whether or not to allow your teen to continue driving. The teen may demonstrate driving behavior that is not safe. The teen may not yet have the maturity to handle driving responsibility. Regardless of the reason, you can withdraw your consent for driving privileges if your teenis: under age 18, and has a driver license with a Class designation that includes the letter “J” (junior), for example “DJ” or “MJ”. Note: A driver can qualify for a driver license that is not a junior driver license at age 17 with the completion of Driver Education. You cannot withdraw consent for a driver age 17 who has received a license without a license class designation that includes the letter “J”. To withdraw consent, complete and send to DMV form MV-1W (Withdrawal of Consent).Enter answer here

What is the Junior Drivers / Graduated License?

You must be age 16 or over to drive in NYS. Drivers under the age of 18 must obey the restrictions described in the Graduated License Law section of the Resources for the Young Driver pages at this web site. If you have a learner permit or a driver license from another state, you are not exempt from this rule. An out-of-state driver under the age of 18 must also obey all restrictions of the state that issued the driver license. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles requires all Drivers License Applicants aged 17 or under to have received at least 50 hours of supervised training in order to qualify to take their Road Test. Although students who complete an approved Drivers Education Program are exempt from this requirement, it does not reduce the importance of students receiving the additional training they need. Every driver license applicant who is 16 or 17 years old at the time of the road test, and who has a junior learner permit, must present an MV-262Form (Certification of Supervised Driving*) to the DMV at the time of the road test[/b]. must besigned by a parent/ guardian[/b]
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