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CDL Training

There is currently a critical shortage of commercial drivers in the U.S. that is likely to continue. America desperately needs more commercial vehicle operators. The U.S. Department of Labor rates the commercial vehicle driving occupation as among the highest growth rate occupations.Commercial Vehicle operating is not just a job that pays well, it is the beginning of a career, and for many people the fastest road to success. Ferrari Driving School is dedicated to training you from CDL permit preparation, Custom-Tailored Packages, to CVTA Certified Career Programs, that successfully place students in both entry level and experience needed CDL jobs.

Which CDL Career Are You Looking For?

Courses designed to meet your needs, ranging from CDL Permit Preparation, Custom-Tailored Packages with or without Road Test Service, to Comprehensive CVTA Certified career-oriented courses.
We can train your employees at one of our convenient locations or at your location. Group discounts for new employees or refresher courses.
A bus driving license gives you the flexibility to work in many different areas. Charter, transit or school bus companies are all looking for qualified drivers.
Get licensed to operate any Class B vehicles such as delivery, construction, cement, & garbage truck.

Financial Aid Available

Ferrari Driving School Provides financing to help their students pursue life-changing educational programs.

Why Choose Ferrari?

Job Ready Training

It is not just about passing the first time, but becoming CDL career ready.

Financial Aid

Flexible terms and fixed interest rates for the life of your loan.

Job Placement

We offer lifetime placement assistance with all our Career Packages.

Commercial Driver's License Questions

  • Choose which cdl buy vehicle/transmission type Where you intend to use (interstate/intrastate)
  • Get a cdl permit 
  • Driver training (theory, practical and behind the wheel)
  • Schedule and pass roadtest
  • Job ready trained (additional training and certifications)

Have a CDL but haven’t driven for six months or more? If you are looking to re-enter the transportation industry and need to brush up on your skills in a commercial vehicle, this course is for you!

Ferrari Driving School students that have taken the Instructor’s training recommendation have had a FIRST time passing rate of over 90%. During the first lesson we always evaluate and give an honest opinion on your SPECIFIC training needs.

Trucking companies see hiring a driver that is OSHA certified to operate a Forklift as a huge plus. This can allow you to load your own truck load which cuts down on potential costs for the company. This also allows you to potentially work in the warehouse when delivery orders are slow. This all equals better JOB SECURITY.

  • Jobs for Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer 2008 & 2018 in the US are expected to increase by 13%.
  • The median wage for Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer in New York State as of 2019 was over 45k a year
  • Jobs for Transit and Intercity Bus Drivers in the US are expected to increase by 8%.
  • The median wage for Transit and Intercity Bus Drivers in New York State is over $35 per hour.

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