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Heavy Equipment Training

There’s a lot of work to do on a construction site that cannot be done by hand. That is where a industrial & construction equipment operator comes in. He or she may operate the equipment that moves heavy materials from Point A to Point B, excavate gravel and earth, drive piles into the ground, or spread and level asphalt, concrete and other paving material.

Ferrari Driving School is focused on in-the-seat operations on a variety of heavy equipment. Students also receive a liberal amount of classroom instruction. Students graduate with a thorough understanding of the fundamental skills necessary to operate all kinds of heavy equipment and full in-depth knowledge of the limits and capabilities of the equipment.

Construction Training Courses

A standard in most construction sites. Get OSHA certified training at our location or yours.
Gaining more popularity on construction jobs for their smaller size & mobility in tight spaces. Get OSHA certified at our location or yours.
Learn safe and proper operation, pre-shift inspection, site inspection and proper material handling and excavating techniques with our OSHA certified course.
OSHA training & certifications in the construction industry Backhoe, Skid steer, & compact excavator as well as OSHA 30.
Learn how to manage and navigate a construction project properly with our OSHA certified course.
Learn how to analyze, create, & manage a safe work environment.

Get On The Road To Independence

Ferrari Driving School has been teaching safety since 1968.

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Job Ready Training

Get real world experience by real Industry Training operators.


Certification Courses are done in one weekend at your location or ours.


Ferrari Driving School has been teaching SAFETY since 1968.

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