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Ferrari Driving School has been providing the highest level Motorcycle & Scooter instruction to thousands of students. The instructors at Ferrari evaluate you using proven methods and will recommend a specific number of classes based your current skill level. Training is conducted both on a closed course and street riding to develop the best skills for REAL life riding. Our goal is to help you become a safe licensed rider.

Don’t delay any further we are standing by, only one click away! 

Motorcycle & Scooter Questions

First thing you need to do is get your Motorcycle Permit. Click here to start studying for the Permit Test ONLINE! Once you feel you’re ready, go to your nearest D. M. V & pass your Motorcycle Permit Test. Call us to set up an evaluation lesson. This lesson will identify your training needs and your instructors will make a training recommendation. 

Yes you can! As long as you first have your motorcycle permit & take the 5hr pre-Licensing class (MV-278) you can take a road test. You do not need a car license.   

No, it’s not necessary. First we explain what everything is used for on the cycle. Then we will check your balance with our “Walking the Cycle” procedure & then progress from there. 

The numbers stand for the engine size. Our training bikes are 125 engine size which are great for beginners. 

On cruiser style cycles you sit upright and steer with your arms, which is easier to learn on than street cycles, which require leaning.

We have a fleet of cruiser style Kawasaki Eliminators. Cruiser style cycles you sit upright and steer with your arms, which is easier to learn on than street cycles, which require leaning.

If your license has already been revoked or suspended, or if a violation hearing has already been scheduled, point reduction will not affect that action. Point reduction does not prevent or cancel a mandatory revocation or suspension for violations such as DWI, DWAI, or 3 speeding violations within an 18 month period. 

Yamaha Zuma 125cc which is an automatic scooter. 

Yes you can, but you can’t drive a motorcycle with a scooter license. 

Get On The Road To Independence

Ferrari Driving School has been teaching safe driving since 1968.

Why Choose Ferrari?

Modern Motorcycles & Scooters

Our fleet of 125cc Kawasaki Eliminators are very easy to learn on. The techniques you will learn will carry over to any cycle.

Professional Instructors & Staff

N.Y. State Certified Driving Instructors & knowledgeable staff.


Lessons available in our Queens location.

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Take 10% off your Liability and Collision insurance and up to 4 points off your Drivers License. Available at our locations or online.
Get licensed at 17 (no restrictions) and receive a 15% insurance discount.
Mandatory DMV class offered in multiple locations many times a week.

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