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Class A, Class B, or Class BP$59You are required to get a CDL Physical exam BEFORE applying for your commercial drivers written exam.

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The first step to getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is to get your permit. You can do this by taking a written exam at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Not sure how to prepare or what to expect? Ferrari Driving School offers a comprehensive course that covers all the material you need to know to pass the written exam and get your permit.

Remember the sooner you pass the written test... the sooner you can start training... the sooner you can go for your road test… the sooner you can START WORKING!
What does the course cover?Depending on the type of CDL you’re interested in, the course material will cover different topics. For example, if you want to get a Class A CDL, you will need to learn about different vehicle combinations and how to operate them. If you’re interested in a Class B CDL, you will need to learn about operating smaller trucks. The course material will also cover topics such as:

Air brakes: How they work and how to inspect them. Pre-trip vehicle inspection: What to look for before you start driving. Basic control of the vehicle: Starting, stopping, turning, backing up. Shifting gears: How to do it and when to do it. Speed management: Maintaining a safe speed for the conditions. Space management: Knowing how much space you need to stop safely.

You are required to get a CDL Physical exam BEFORE applying for your commercial drivers written exam.
Class ATractor Trailer & Truck
General Knowledge (50 questions)
Air Brakes (25 questions)
Combinations (25 questions)
Class BPBus & Truck
General Knowledge (50 questions)
Air Brakes (25 questions)
Passengers (20 questions)
Class BTruck
General Knowledge (50 questions)
Air Brakes (25 questions)
80% is passing at the DMV
Once you pass a section you do not have to take it again even if you did not pass another section.
Ready to go to the DMV to take the actual test?
Make sure you bring your N. Y. Driver’s License & SOCIAL SECURITY CARD or you will not be allowed to take the exam.
You can take ALL exam’s at the same time for $10.
To save time bring an additional $40 to the D.M.V. you can get back in the line & take the $40 CDL skills test.
You must pay the D.M.V. $40 every time you take a CDL road test.
How to study:The easiest way to study is read the question & CORRECT answer in TRAINING mode. Once you have gone through each question in the section at least once, switch to TESTING MODE which will give you the question & 3 choices just how you will see it on the actual exam. Once you test yourself the computer will remember which questions you got wrong & will give you the opportunity to review them again. Learning from your mistakes is what makes this study course work!

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Why Choose Ferrari?Ferrari Driving School is a family business founded in 1968 based on the principle of safety and customer service.
Long RunningWe’ve been teaching our SMART methods since 1968
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What exactly is a CDL permit?
You must already have a regular driver’s license to be eligible for a CDL permit. A CDL permit allows you to practice driving with a licensed commercial driver. You cannot drive without a permit. Like a regular permit, a CDL permit allows you to operate a vehicle under certain conditions and with certain restrictions. The main difference is that a CDL permit allows you to operate commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and tractor-trailers. With a CDL permit, you can start practicing your driving skills so that you’ll be ready to get your full license when the time comes.
How do I get a CDL permit?
Why Ferrari Driving School?
What is our student road test passing rate?
What are the new CDL regulations for current license holders?
CDL Employment Opportunities:
What are the projected CDL. employment statistics?