Stick Shift Lessons

Learning to drive a manual transmission is a very useful skill. Wether if you are planning to purchase a manual transmission car, renting a car overseas, or need the skill for work we can help.

Driving a stick shift car can be a lot of fun. Learn long on OUR vehicle the proper way can avoid costly frustrations & unnecessary repairs such as burning the clutch!

We recommend you start with one of our 2hr sessions or contact us at 718-278-6679 for package options.


Are you planning on purchasing a manual transmission car or renting a car overseas? Driving a stick shift car can be a lot of fun. Learn on OUR vehicle the proper way to avoid burning the clutch!

Our fleet of modern dual brake controlled vehicles are easy to learn manual transmission.

We offer stick shift training at our Queens Location.

What separates Ferrari from other schools is the amount of training and support we give our Instructors.  We only hire based on their experience, patience, and their dedication to helping YOU become comfortable handling a manual transmission.

Based on our years of experience with the DMV,  it’s best to take your road test on an automatic vehicle.

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