OSHA Excavator Certification

An excavator, also known as a digger, is a type of construction equipment used to excavate or move earth, rock, or other materials. They are typically used in mining, construction, and demolition projects. While excavators are widely used, they can be dangerous if not operated properly. That is why it’s essential to get the training you need before operating one.

At Ferrari Driving School, we offer OSHA-compliant excavator training that will teach you how to safely operate this equipment. Our experienced instructors will go over the proper procedures for starting, stopping, and moving the excavator, as well as how to avoid common mistakes that can lead to accidents. We will also teach you how to inspect the excavator before use and what to do if something goes wrong.

You will get an OSHA excavator certification after completing our program, which demonstrates that you have the knowledge and abilities to operate this sort of equipment safely. To enroll in our course, contact us now!

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Excavator Training Questions

The following topics will be covered in our OSHA-compliant excavator training course:

OSHA REGULATIONS FOR EXCAVATORS:  This course will familiarize you with OSHA’s regulations for excavators. Our experienced instructors will go over the specific OSHA standards that apply to this type of equipment, as well as how to comply with them. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with excavators, you will benefit from this review of OSHA’s requirements.

SAFE OPERATION OF AN EXCAVATOR: You’ll learn the procedures for starting, stopping, and moving an excavator, as well as how to avoid common mistakes that can lead to accidents. With our hands-on training, you’ll have the opportunity to practice these procedures until you’re comfortable with them.

SAFE WORK PRACTICES:  In addition to OSHA regulations, there are general safe work practices that apply to all construction equipment. We will cover these in our course, so you can be sure you’re following the best practices when operating an excavator. From proper lifting techniques to dealing with hazardous materials, you’ll learn how to work safely around excavators.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: You’ll learn what to do if something goes wrong while operating an excavator. From dealing with equipment malfunctions to handling hazardous materials, we’ll teach you the procedures you need to know to keep yourself and others safe.

PRE-OPERATIONAL CHECKS:   Before using an excavator, it’s essential to inspect it to make sure everything is in working order. We’ll teach you how to thoroughly inspect the excavator, allowing you to identify any potential problems before they lead to accidents. This inspection should be done every time you use the excavator, and our course will teach you how to do it quickly and effectively.

After completing this course, you’ll receive an OSHA excavator certification demonstrating that you have taken the necessary steps to operate this equipment safely.

Operationally they are almost identical.  So training on compact will give you he skills to operate any size excavator.   Job site requirements usually dictate which size is used.

In recent years, more contractors are opting for a mini hydraulic excavator instead of a backhoe loader. Both machines can benefit your project, but understanding your jobsite applications is the key to making the right decision for your job.

A compact or mini excavator is a tracked or wheeled vehicle with an approximate operating weight from 0.7 to 8.5 tonnes. It generally includes a standard backfill blade and features an  independent boom swing.

Typically we use a compact excavator.  The training and techniques will still cover ALL size excavators.  If you have your own full size machine we can train & certify at your location.