OSHA Forklift Certification

A forklift is a type of construction equipment used to move heavy materials. They are typically used in warehouses and factories but can also be found on construction sites. While forklifts are very useful, they can also be dangerous if not used properly. That is why it’s crucial to get the proper training before operating one.

We provide OSHA-certified forklift training at Ferrari Driving School that will teach you how to operate a forklift safely and in compliance with OSHA regulations. 

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OSHA REGULATIONS FOR FORKLIFTS:  You will learn about the OSHA regulations that apply to forklifts, including those related to operator certification, training, and safety. OSHA’s regulations are designed to protect workers from injuries or death due to forklift accidents.

SAFE OPERATION OF A FORKLIFT: You will learn how to operate a forklift safely, including proper techniques for starting, stopping, and steering. You will also learn how to properly load and unload materials onto the forks. In addition, you will learn about the dangers of blind spots and how to avoid them.

SAFE WORK PRACTICES: You will learn about safe work practices that should be followed when working with forklifts, such as keeping the work area clear of clutter and maintaining proper communication with other workers. With proper training, you can help create a safer work environment for everyone.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: You will learn what to do in case of a forklift accident, such as how to shut off the engine and apply the brakes. You will also learn about OSHA’s requirements for reporting accidents. While accidents are rare, it’s vital to be prepared in case one does occur.

PRE-OPERATIONAL CHECKS:  You will learn about the importance of performing pre-operational safety checks on forklifts before using them. These checks help ensure that the forklift is in good working condition and will not pose a danger to yourself or others.

After completing our forklift training course, you receive an OSHA certification showing you have taken the necessary steps to operate a forklift safely. Contact us today to sign up for our course! Our OSHA Certification not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

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Trucking companies see hiring a driver that is OSHA certified to operate a Forklift as a huge plus.  This can allow you to load your own truck load which cuts down on potential costs for the company.  This also allows you to potentially work in the warehouse when delivery orders are slow.  This all equals better JOB SECURITY.

No you do not but if you do not know how to operate a moving vehicle you should expect additional practice to be able to become a safe OSHA forklift operator.